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About Us - The Canine Behaviour Centre Print E-mail

The Canine Behaviour Centre was founded in 1998 with two aims:

  • to set up a home study course in dog psychology
  • to conduct further research into the relationship between an owner’s perception of their dog and that dog’s “problems”.

The team comprises four experienced, qualified practising dog psychologists of whom the “public face” and Course Director is Deborah Bragg.

A graduate member of the British Psychological Society and international affiliate member of the American Psychological Association, Deborah has worked as a canine consultant since 1990.  In addition to running a hands-on practice, she also lectures on canine psychology to organisations throughout the UK as well as investigating further her own area of expertise: the match/mismatch of personalities in dog and owner.  

She has owned a variety of dogs in the past, including rescue dogs, cross breeds and pedigrees but has a particular interest in working dogs.  She currently owns two Flat-coated Retrievers.


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