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If you're wondering what to give a dog lover, you've certainly come to the right place. They are thinking of getting a puppy? then Picking the Perfect Puppy ... For you would be ideal.  Or, if they already have a dog and are keen to learn more about why their dog behaves as he does, look no further than the Dog Psychology Home Study Course.  If they are already students, maybe they would like to learn about a variety of dogs and their problems in the Case Studies Collection or take their studies a step further with the Advanced Aggression Course.  And if they just like reading books about dogs, then have a look at the Dog Books Review.  There's something here for every dog and his owner...


Welcome to the Canine Behaviour Centre

If you are fascinated by how dogs think and learn and why they behave as they do - then you have come to the right place!  Here, you will find a booklet on how to pick the perfect puppy for you personally; a collection of unusual and interesting canine cases; a dog blog with all the latest news and views - as well as the world famous Dog Psychology Course.  This is the only specialised Course of its kind; written by professional, practising psychologists and providing an in-depth knowledge of the psychology of dogs.

Dog Psychology Course

The Course was founded in 1999 in response to requests from vets, professional dog handlers, breeders and dog owners throughout the world. It was designed and written primarily for those wanting to enter the profession of dog psychology but the information it contains can be of benefit and interest to ALL dog owners. In fact we would go so far as to say it is essential reading for every dog owner.

Don't buy a puppy...
….until you’ve read this all-important booklet!

 “How to Pick the Perfect Puppy … for You"

By Deborah Bragg...

Case Studies Collection

In response to overwhelming demand, we have put together a selection of 40 cases that the Canine Behaviour Centre has tackled over the years. They are all somewhat unusual problems involving, in some instances, human as well as canine problems.

Advanced Aggression Course

In this course we examine all the different patterns and functions that are involved in aggression; exploring old and new research and presenting a wide range of arguments, ideas and theories.

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A unique opportunity for you and your dog!

Combine expert, individual training from a leading dog psychologist with a walking holiday in the dog friendly county of Suffolk.

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